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How to recognize important Macro Levels and determine where these "lines in the sand" are - [knowing these special levels can dramatically improve your risk/reward ratio on any trade]
How to predict critical market reversals in any timeframe before the market flips direction - [understanding this special trading pattern will provide you with an "early warning" of market fatigue or retracement]
How to profit from "up swings" and "down swings" in the market before big moves happen - [understanding swings will also help protect your existing position from moves against you]
How to catch short-term and long-term trends with perfect timing for optimal pips - [knowing this bi-directional system will provide you with laser-accurate entry and exit points]
Learn when to buy and when to sell for best returns - [understanding which direction you should be considering is vitally important in ensuring your sustained success]
How to "hide" your Stop Loss positions in the safest way - [knowing where to place your Stop Loss is fundamentally crucial to generate winning trades from losing positions]
How to determine the best levels to place your Profit Targets - [knowing where you should place your targets can literally mean the difference between ordinary results and incredibly profitable results]

Strategy 1 - Price Flip

Price Flip Trading Strategy

Strategy 2 - Macro Levels

Macro Levels Trading Strategy

Strategy 3 - Trend Catcher

Trend Catcher Trading Strategy

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