Copying Our Forex Signals
Generated 10,024 Pips For Members
In Only 30 Months

If you were a member and you had been copying all our Forex signals over the last 30 months, you could have easily generated 10,024 Pips. And you could have achieved this result without having had to think about which currency pair to trade, whether to buy or sell, when to enter the trade, what your stop loss should be, what your profit targets should be, what levels you need to watch, or anything else.

In fact, you could have copied all our signals with our dedicated Trade Copier Solution, directly into your personal Metatrader account, totally automatically.

Following is our monthly trade summary highlighting the last 30 months.

We produced 25 winning months in this time, equivalent to a 83.3% monthly success rate.

Throughout this period, we published an average of 334 pips per month with the average trade, generating a net return of 35 pips.

Following is our complete signals history, summarizing every one of our trades during this period, that culminated in achieving these impressive trading statistics.

And if you were a member that had been copying our gold signals, as well as our forex signals, you could have made an additional 23,693 Pips over this same period. Although our primary service is providing Forex signals, we also offer gold signals for members that want to trade gold and have the ability to do so.

Ultimately, our success as a premium signals service has been achieved by providing consistent high-probability signals from experienced traders using proven profitable strategies. It is this exact winning formula that has allowed us to grow and prosper in a highly volatile and competitive market.

If you would like to generate positive trading results with a high level of consistency, join us today

From: The Traders Elite Team

Dear Trader,

What if we told you, that you could copy quality signals from experienced traders using proven profitable trading strategies with the sole intent of producing high-probability profit opportunities for long-term capital growth.

If you are looking for reliable signals that offer consistent results, as well as the convenience of having trades copied directly into your personal account with very high accuracy, then you have come to the right place.

We believe that there is no comparable forex signals service that gives so much value for so little. As a Traders Elite Member, you will get; (1) our highly valued email alerts, (2) access to our members area, and (3) our sophisticated trade copying solution that gives you the ability to automatically copy our signals in real-time directly into your account.

All signals include clear instructions with entry price, targets and stop loss details, as well as follow-up instructions throughout the life of the trade. And if you've set up your account with our Trade Copier, you won't have to do another thing...

You won't have to look for great low-risk/high-reward trades. You won't have to work out the best targets and stop-loss points to use. You won't have to lock-in profits at critical times to optimize your results. You won't have to stare at charts all day and you won't even have to learn anything about trading. In fact, these are the exact benefits that our members get each trading day.

Our Strategies Get Positive Results

Our mission is to help our members achieve their goals, as they strive for financial freedom, by providing signals from trading strategies that have proven to provide positive results over the long-term. In fact, we're so committed to achieving positive long-term net results, that we offer generous incentives to members that join our service for longer periods. The reason for this is that we want to generate good results for all our members and we know that traders are much more likely to do better if they stick with trading signals that generate consistent positive results over a long period.

In the real world, professional trading is conducted in a methodical, deliberate and scientific way that's committed to building capital at a steady pace based on a strong foundation of strategies and policies. The bottom line is that small but consistent gains will generate excellent results and capital growth over the long-term. This is the precise trading mindset that has made us consistently profitable.

Introducing the Traders Elite Signals

FX Profiteer

FX Profiteer is the natural progression of combining and filtering all our primary core strategies to provide members with highly consistent signals. These signals use a combination of very specific price-action patterns, Moving Average Crossovers, MACD Swings, and Investor Entry Levels, all designed to take advantage of low-risk/high-reward set-up trades. These signals typically generate a high probability of success and are based on the Daily and 4 Hour Charts.

Forex Price Flip

Price Flip is a trading strategy focused on price-action at critical market reversal points, detecting when momentum has reached exhaustion levels indicating probable reversals in price. Price Flips are an ideal strategy for sideways markets and are dedicated to exploiting the markets regardless of the trend. In some cases, the signals can turn into big gains. The system is traded on the 4 hour charts.

Macro Levels

Macro Levels is a strategy that uses the power of pivots and important consolidation levels that act as "lines in the sand" for dominant support and resistance levels. These Macro Levels are determined from the weekly, daily and 4 hour charts with the system used on its own as well as in combination with other strategies. Macro Level Signals take advantage of prime entry points in the market for both swing trades and for taking advantage of continued predicted moves.

Forex Trend Catcher

Trend Catcher is a strategy that detects optimal times to buy dips and sell peaks. The strategy is based on Moving Average Crossovers and specific MACD settings. Our Crossover Trend Detection System alerts us to optimal times of when to enter trades, as well as when to exit trades and optimize net gains. The strategy is based on the 1 hour and 4 hour charts, as well as the daily charts to provide a complete picture of each trade set-up.

Gold Profiteer *** BONUS ***

Gold Profiteer offers a combination of all our strategies, amended specifically for trading gold. Gold Profiteer also combines the analysis of other US crosses to forecast the short to medium term movements of the gold price. Gold Profiteer represents stable gold trading strategies regardless of whether the price is going up or down.

What Makes Our Trading Strategies So Consistently Successful?

They give ideal entry points for catching big-move trends that can generate hundreds of pips
They predict critical market reversals indicating market fatigue before the market flips direction
They identify Macro Levels that significantly improve the risk/reward on all trades executed
They detect up-swings and down-swings for both trend & counter-trend market moves
They optimize entry levels by synchronizing short term & long term indicators
They use stop-loss positions at dynamic levels to minimize losses and optimize net results
They determine the optimal 1st, 2nd & 3rd targets to maximize profits for each successful trade

Some Examples of Our Signals...

Note: Please refer to our signals history statement above for a complete list of all signals we have issued.

The following chart shows a AUDUSD signal. The trade was opened as a Sell Order at 1.0524 when the pair showed signs of its rally faltering. Our customized indicators showed a Moving Average Crossover on the 4 Hour Charts and our customized MACD was indicating a downswing on the Daily Charts. The trade hit the 1st Target pretty quickly, consolidated for a while around the upper Macro Level, and then started its drop again hitting the 2nd Target and continuing down. An alert update was then sent out as the pair approached the lower Macro Level to tighten the stop in case of a bounce at this critical level. As it turned out, the trade breaked through the lower Macro Level, securing a total of 278 pips.

The following charts show a signal for the GBPUSD pair. The trade was issued at 1.5646 when the price fell below the upper Macro Level. The trade never went negative and quickly hit both Target 1 and Target 2 for a very respectable 111 pips, all within just a few bars of the trade being opened. This trade did not continue in the desired direction beyond the 2nd target, however it still represented a great low-risk trade that produced an excellent result in a very short period of time.

The following charts show a trade of the NZDUSD pair. A short entry signal was issued when we got a double confirmation of the price meeting resistance at the 0.8000 psychological level which was also our confirmed Macro Level. Added to this, we had a nice Moving Average Crossover on the 4 hour chart and a downswing indicated on the daily chart. This trade quickly blew right past Target 1, retraced a little, and then dropped like a stone hitting Target 2, before finding support at the 0.7810 Macro Level, netting a very nice 148 pips in just a few days.

The next chart shows a trade issued as a short entry signal for Gold at $1,604.88. After a big rally from the lower Macro Level, Gold seemed to run out of steam and when it dropped decisively below the $1,608 Macro Level, combined with a nice H4 Moving Average Crossover, the short was issued. To start, the trade met resistance at $1,608 Macro Level but once it couldn't break through, it dropped and hit Target 1. It then retested the $1,608 level before dramatically falling to past the 2nd Target at $1,582 and netting 2,288 pips (a change in the Gold price of $22.88).

The following chart shows a trade on the EURUSD for a short entry signal issued at 1.2573. Like some of the trades already highlighted, this trade was issued when a combination of our systems lined up to provide a "perfect trade" scenario. In this case, the Euro was finding resistance at our 1.2670 Macro Level, and after some sideways consolidation, a 4 Hour Moving Average Crossover gave the confirmation to enter the short position. The pair hit both Target 1 and Target 2 quickly and after breaking the lower Macro Level, spent considerable time in a sideway consolidation before dropping on another Crossover setup and hitting Target 3 for a huge 463 pips.

This next chart shows ongoing another Kiwi trade that hit its 3rd Target. The trade was issued as a Long Entry Signal at 0.7756 on June 14, 2012, 7.26am GMT. This trade achieved a nice 198 pips upon hitting Target 3 after only 4 days.

The following chart shows another Aussie trade issued as a Long Entry Signal. This trade decisively moved in our direction from the beginning and hit all 3 targets in just 6 days, netting a very respectable 304 pips.

Naturally, these are just some of our trades and although we want all our trades to be winners, experiencing losses are a natural part of the process. However, despite the tough trading climate in difficult economical times, we are proud to claim that since the implementation of our Trade Copier...

Funnel Signals Directly into Your Account

To start with, you'll receive our signals by email. This is highly valued information on every trade signal including entry-level, profit targets and stop-loss. You'll also get access to our exclusive Members Area where you can view all updates and charts throughout the trade, providing insights into the trading strategies we use. You also get all our indicators and templates so you can even trade our strategies on your own if you wish.

In addition to the email alerts and members access, you also get free access to our highly valued Trade Copying Solution that gives you the option of being able to plug directly into our strategies and copy every one of our trades, directly into your Metatrader account.

Each trading session, we go to work to earn your trust by bringing you the best trade opportunities we can find. We're always watching the market and analyzing the charts so when a great low-risk/high-return trade presents itself, you'll receive a trading signal alert by email, members area and trade copying directly into your account...

Think of us as your "Personal Trading Mercenaries".

You can expect to receive signals from us every trading month, with the sole intent of placing you smack-bang in the middle of pip-generating trades. The bottom line is that you’ll always be leveraging off our strategies, experience and technology to help you achieve your trading goals, with consistent quality signals funnelled directly to you.

Why You Benefit by Copying Signals
from Traders Elite Strategies

You Tap into Macro Levels so You Exploit these Reactive "Lines in the Sand" for Maximum Profits
You Get Early Warnings of Critical Market Reversals Before the Market Flips Direction
You Exploit "Up Swings" and "Down Swings" in both Counter-Trend and With-Trend Moves
You Catch Reliable Long-Term Trends at the Ideal Time to Generate Optimal Pips Per Trade
You Maximize Your Profits by Using Up To 3 Targets Inline with Key Institutional Levels
You Increase Your Equity by Closing Trades Early to Minimize Counter Moves and Optimze Returns

Copying Signals from Battle-Tested Strategies Gives You a Huge Advantage

Everyone is "playing for keeps" in this game... We're talking about Central Banks, Governments, Investment Banks, Financial Institutions, Trading Houses, Bond Buyers and Professional Traders. And because of this extreme competiveness, getting good results from trading forex is hard while getting great results from trading forex is even harder. In fact, if you even think about entering this gladiator ring, a financial market that's bigger than all the world's stock markets combined and valued at around $4 trillion/day, you better be ready to bring it on.

Make no mistake... trading is war.

The unfortunate reality is that only a tiny percentage of traders actually succeed. In fact, a very large proportion of traders actually lose more money than they make and virtually all new traders give up before they ever really start. The truth is that being a successful trader requires hard work, experience and proven strategies that are consistently reliable... It requires entering trades at exactly the right time, exiting trades at the right time, taking profits at the right time and letting trades run at the right time. In essence, being a successful trader requires knowing what to do, when to do it and why you're doing it... and that's why you have much better chances of success if you accept that trading is a source of income that requires a professional foundation of expertise to assist you achieve your goals.

Copy Our Battle-Tested Strategies
for Optimal Results

Hereís the deal. We want to offer a new and exciting solution for traders like yourself. We want to offer a solution that gives you total flexibility on how you want to be involved. You can choose to trade manually or on full autopilot or a combination of both. Regardless, you are always in full control.

We want all our members to have the ability to capture quality signals in numerous ways, 24 hours per day, 5 days per week, whenever an opportunity for a great trade presents itself, and we want our members to take advantage of all our battle-tested strategies so they can maximize the probability of success every month, which is why we have our signals delivered to members in a number of ways including via our fully automatic Traders Elite Trade Copying Solution.

In addition to deliverability, we want to provide signals for the 17 most popular symbols traded so we've got the market broadly covered and can therefore take advantage of multiple opportunities.

Trade Popular Currency Pairs for Maximum Pip-Making Potential

When trading, it's vitally important to choose the right symbols and that's why we offer signals on 17 different symbols. The majority of our signals are based on the 6 Major Forex Pairs; EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, plus Gold (XAUUSD). In addition to trading the Majors and Gold, we also look for opportunities with the following pairs, consisting of the 6 main Yen crosses; USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY, AUDJPY, NZDJPY, CHFJPY, plus the EURGBP, EURAUD, GBPAUD and GBPCHF.

Between these 17 different charts, there are always opportunities worth considering and although we focus on the Majors, we're always looking for trades with low risk and high reward. If we spot one, and we're happy with the current trades in play, we'll issue members with this signal via all our delivery mediums.

Benefit From 100% Trading Commitment

Get Full Access to the Members Area

Here's a sneak peak of our members area including our comprehensive Signals Dashboard where all signals, updates and charts are listed for every trade we issue.

As well as the signals dashboard, the members area has everything you need to download and set up our templates, indicators and trade copiers, plus training guides on the strategies used and other special resources. And with future upgrades to include even more trader resources and with all members always receiving unlimited access, it's easy to see how incredibly valuable membership is to our traders so they can be enabled to be consistently successful traders.

Get All Updates and Trade Charts

You can click on any of the signals in the signals dashboard and you will see all details and updates for that signal. By clicking on the chart displayed in this updates section, you will get an enlarged "light box" view of the chart which is great for a clearer understanding of the trade. In fact, by simply following our trades and the information we provide in the members area, you'll not only get our signals, but you'll be able to learn as you trade.

By studying our entry points and exit points for the strategies we use, your own trading results can also positively benefit from understanding our trades, independent of our own signals.

Obviously, trading is speculative investing and therefore, you should not trade alone until (1) you have enough real-world experience, (2) you are confident in your trading, and (3) you can make a real commitment to time and effort required to trade as an intelligent investor. In short, the pathway to independence as a trader is education and experience. So, while you learn as you trade with us, you leverage off our professional expertise and fast-track yourself as a trader.

The reality is that it can take years to become a consistently good trader and many people either (a) don't have the ability to make the necessary commitment to trade independently or (b) don't want to trade independently and would rather take the easy path and copy trades automatically from a reliable source.

Can You Benefit If You Don't Trade?

If you want to copy our trades automatically and take the "easy path" to achieving positive trading results, you can do that. If you don't want to trade or if you are unable to trade for any reason, you can still benefit from our service. In fact, many of our members prefer to simply set-up the Traders Elite Trade Copying Solution, place their account on autopilot, and enjoy the service... all while being able to check our performance on a daily basis with trading statements emailed to you everyday.

Once the Trade Copying Solution is set up, you don't have to do another thing, other than check your account from time to time. Running our Trade Copying Solution is like being direcly connected to a real trader that opens and manages your trades, so you don't ever have to waste valuable time being shackled to your computer for endless trading sessions.

Our Trade Copying Solution is Intelligent, Super-Fast, Highly Accurate and Self-Fixing

This extremely clever proprietary technology provides our members with an impressive and powerful trade copying solution that effortlessly copies all our signals and updates directly into your personal Metatrader account without any input required from yourself.

And you don't need to keep your computer on... or Metatrader running... or even a VPS... It's all done through some very smart technology that gives us the ability to directly connect to your account while leaving you free to take care of other things in life rather than needing to be a technical whiz or professional trader.

Our Trade Copying Solution copies every trade we open, directly into your account, using our entry price, stop loss and profit target. It then copies all modifications, throughout the duration of the trade, in real-time. Whenever our stop loss moves, your stop loss automatically moves, so you lock-in profits. It does exactly what it's commanded to do with absolute military-grade precision.

For even more flexibility, we split each trade into multiple trades so that each signal actually creates 2-4 split trades, designed to take advantage of 2-4 targets. By managing our trades this way, we (1) build capital by closing split trades at profit targets, (2) build equity and profits with the remaining open split trades, and (3) optimize trade management by being able to manage each of the split trades independent of each other.

By managing split trades individually, we gain a huge advantage.

Managing our trades as multiple split trades eliminates the possibility of a whole trade being stopped out due to unexpected retracements. Additionally, managing multiple split trades also increases the probability of generating higher overall profits by letting split trades pursue higher profit targets. In fact, once the 1st target is hit and the 1st profits are taken, the remaining open split trades are free to run to the 2nd and 3rd profit targets, increasing your profits, without increasing your risk.

The robustness of this Trade Copying Solution encompasses a large number of features and benefits that other copiers only dream about. Take a quick look at some of the highlights of our trade copier and you'll quickly understand why traders are raving about it.

You Can Copy All Signals For Maximum
Profit Potential

By leveraging all our signals, members maximize the trades they copy and therefore potentially maximize the profits they can make. This enhanced deliverability allows members options like never before.

If you want to start with a "slow & steady" approach, simply copy our primary signals. However, if you want to "fast track" your trading, you can take advantage of more speculative opportunities by registering for our Trade Copying Solution. This is ideal if you want to capture additional signals that are not included in our primary signals, for risk management reasons.

Now, whichever way you decide to copy our signals, you have complete flexibility.

A Recap of What Our Trade Copying Solution Can Do For Your Trading Results

Automatically Copies All Our Primary & Special Signals Directly into Your Account
Modifies Trades in Real-Time for Signal Updates Including Stop Loss and Profit Targets
Manages Buy/Sell Orders, Pending Orders, Closing Orders and Reopening Orders
Works Without Needing to Leave Your Computer On 24 Hours/Day or Metatrader Running or Needing to Use a VPS
No Need to Worry About Internet or Connectivity Issues
No Broker-to-Broker Compatibility Issues Or Installation Required
Sophisticated Master Account Communication with Self-Fixing Functionality

Start Trading Forex the Easy Way

No matter whether you are a complete novice or you are experienced in currency day trading, Traders Elite will enhance your trading performance. That's our commitment to you!

All we ask is that you give us a sincere chance to show you that we are truly an unrivaled service however we do not believe in get rich quick schemes so if you're the kind of person that expects to get rich overnight then asks for a refund because it didn't happen, please do NOT purchase. Traders Elite is probably NOT for you.

Our signals are based on long-term strategies and you need to set a reasonable time for results. That's why we encourage our members to stick with our signals for at least a couple of months so the probability of achieving a positive result is increased. So... if you are the kind of person who takes action, wants to be profitable from the Forex market, do things the easy way, and focused to long-term results, then you should join today.

Our 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee Makes Membership Risk-Free

The 60 days money-back guarantee we offer is our sincere way of "putting our money where our mouth is".

We want all our members to generate positive results and because we're so confident that the vast majority of our customers will experience positive results, as countless customers have already, we want you to join us and give us at least 60 days to show you some positive results.

If we can't produce results that satisfy you, your membership subscription will be cheerfully refunded.

Secure Your Slice of the Forex Market!

Believe it or not, the fact is that each and every trading day, trillions of dollars are invested in the Forex markets worldwide... Do you think that now is the right time to secure a piece of this multi-trillion dollar market?

We've made this decision a total no-brainer by making sure that all memberships are secure and fully backed with our unconditional 60 day money-back guarantee.

So, the only thing left for you to do is make a decision. Hereís your choice...

If you picked option 1, we wish you all the best.

If you picked option 2, we look forward to providing you with a long-term solution designed to help you create wealth by consistently building your account's capital.

A Summary of Everything You Get

Quality Low-Risk/High-Reward Signals for 17 Symbols Including 16 Forex Pairs Plus Gold
Automatic Trade Copying of All Our Trades and Updates Directly Into Your Metatrader Account
Access to the Members Area for All Signals, Updates, Trading Instructions and Charts
Email Alerts for All New Signals Including Trade Modification Updates to Keep You Informed
All Strategy Indicators and Strategy Chart Templates for our Primary Trading Strategies
Exclusive Trading Resources and Training Guides of Our Core Strategies
Complete Flexibility to Copy Our Trades Manually, Semi Automatically or Fully Automatically
Unconditional 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee on All Membership Subscription Fees

How Much Does Membership Cost?

Like everything, market forces of supply and demand ultimately determine what "fair market price" should be.

Based on the results we generate for our members, our service should be $1,999 per year.

However, we wanted to offer sensational value, so we decided that $99 per month OR $199 per quarter (3 months) were very fair and reasonable rates to offer customers who are genuinely serious about generating a consistent long-term return from trading Forex.

But... we wanted to do even better, so we decided to make our service available at the very low rates of only $49 per month or $99 per quarter. Plus, once you've joined, your rate is locked-in regardless of what we charge in the future.

So... for a short time only, you can join Traders Elite for as little as $49 per month!!

If you're not sure how long you will be trading Forex, then join on the monthly plan, but if you want even better value, then join on the quarterly plan for only $99 per quarter (equivalent to only $33 per month).

The quarterly option is our most popular membership plan because it offers excellent value as well as giving members three (3) months to try out our signals, which is a reasonable period of time to see positive results.

Why do we offer such sensational value?

Because we know once you've been a customer of ours for a while, you will be much more likely to stay with us long-term since you have had a chance to experience the positive results for yourself.

There is only one thing left to do... Join us today with the option that suits you best.

Join Us Today!

We understand that a lot of people want to join our service and benefit from our signals, however it's important that all new members acknowledge the following usage guidelines before joining. We stand by our service and our trading results, however for us to continue to offer very reasonable rates, we can only accept serious traders that are committed to long-term trading results. Therefore, we request that every new member acknowledge our guidelines before joining.

OK, I've acknowledged the usage guidelines. I accept and I am ready to join. Let me in!!

15 Days For Only 5 Dollars

Because we believe in our service and we have the trading proof to back it up, we decided to offer every new member the opportunity to join us for 15 days for only $5.

That's right! If you join our service today with a 15 day trial option, you get full access to our service for 15 days for only $5. No obligation, cancel anytime.

Yep! We're so confident that you will be happy with our service, we want to offer you a special invitation to trial our service for 15 Days for Only 5 Dollars.

Download our Indicators... Use our Strategies... Get our Email Alerts... Access our Members Area... AND... Copy our Signals with the Traders Elite Trade Copying Solution.

If you are not completely satisfied, cancel your service! Heck... if you really want to, you can even refund your $5 and the next "cheeseburger & fries" is on us!! - Sound fair?    :)

Go ahead and take advantage of our 15 day trial for only 5 dollars today and start trading the foreign exchange markets with a group of traders that are focused on getting positive results.

To get started, simply choose the option that suits you best and join now! Your rate is locked in regardless of what we charge in the future... and we are increasing our rates very shortly, so join now while we have this special available.

Take the 15 Day $5 Trial today! Simply choose the option below that suits you best.

Choose Your 15 Day Trial Membership


*** OR ***

Take Advantage of Our Special Offer and Join for 12 months
(Equivalent to Only $24.92 per month)

- Limited Spots Available -

You must act quickly to secure a membership at these rates before all spots are gone!!

If you want to take advantage of our signals, experience and technology, and you want to secure the special rates we're currently offering, click on the option that suits you best and get started today.

We reserve the right to close access to new members at any time. If you are want the security and confidence of copying real trades from real traders that make real profits with real money, join us today.

Thank you for considering our service and we look forward to a great trading year together should you decide to join our premium forex signals service.

Good Trading!

The Traders Elite Team

PS: You have lots to gain by joining us so secure your membership today and start taking positive steps in your trading.

PPS: Got a question? Not sure whether to take the plunge this very moment?... We want you to be 100% confident in your decision to join Traders Elite so browse the FAQ's below for answers to your questions. If you're still not completely sure about anything, (1) click the "Live Chat" button for a chat, (2) issue a Support Ticket, or (3) send us an email. We want you to be totally informed and happy with your decision.

Any Questions?

What is Traders Elite?
Traders Elite is a forex signals service that provides trading signals for its members. Members can copy the signals they receive by email or have the signals copied directly into their personal account.
How do I receive signals?
You can receive Traders Elite signals by; (1) Email Alerts, (2) Members Area, and (3) Traders Elite Trade Copying Solution
Can I expect signals every day?
No. Signals are only issued if the signal has satisfactorily met the rules of our trading strategies. We issue a signal when there is an opportunity of opening a trade with a an appropriate Low-Risk/High-Reward Ratio (ie: a good Return on Investment).
Do I need to install software?
No. You do not need to install any software. You can copy our signals without software or requiring your computer on.
What brokers can I use with your signals?
You can use any Broker to trade our standard signals. All members receive our signals by email, as well as full access to our Members Area, detailing signals and updates.
Does any broker work with the Trade Copying Solution?
No. If you want to copy all our signals with the Traders Elite Trade Copying Solution, you must use our preferred broker, Tallinex. The system does not need your computer on or Metatrader running.
How do I use the signals?
If you are using the Traders Elite Trade Copying Solution, all signals and updates are copied directly into your account. If you want to trade manually, our signals are emailed to you and listed in the Members Area. All updates are posted in the Members Area only. All details are provided including entry price, stop loss and targets.
Do your signals work?
Past results are not indicative of future results. We can not guarantee continuation of positive results. We can however claim that our Core Strategies have generated good profits and results in the past. Additionally, we regularly post a Trade Summary for analysis by our members and the public.
Can I copy signals and updates directly into my Metatrader account?
Yes. Register for the Traders Elite Trade Copying Solution and you're ready to copy all our primary & special trades.
How many Pips can I expect to make every month?
This is a big variable and we always do our best to provide all members with the best possible result. Be mindful that all trading is speculative in nature and the results can dramatically vary from month to month. Always use conservative money management and never invest money you can't afford to lose.
Can I take every signal that comes out?
Yes. You can make sure you take every trade by using the Traders Elite Trade Copying Solution we offer via our partnerhip with our preferred broker, Tallinex.
What symbols do you provide signals for?
We trade a total of 17 symbols representing the most popular US-crosses and Yen-crosses traded in the markets. We also trade Gold as it is a very lucrative symbol to trade and is intrinsically embedded in the FOREX currency markets. The symbols we trade are; EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, EURJPY, GBPJPY, AUDJPY, NZDJPY, USDJPY, CHFJPY, EURGBP, EURAUD, GBPAUD, GBPCHF and XAUUSD (GOLD)

Still thinking about it?

With an unconditional 60 day money-back guarantee, you have everything to gain by joining today. And remember, for a short time only, you get a 15 day trial for only $5!!

To get started, simply...

Choose a Membership Plan & Start Today


*** OR ***

Take Advantage of Our Special Offer and Join for 12 months
(Equivalent to Only $24.92 per month)

The Ultimate Forex Signals Service

When we started Traders Elite, we wanted to create a service that had special core values at its foundation. We created a conceptual blueprint to make sure that we achieved the expectations of our members, and by so doing, build our service on solid "old school" business principles.

Ultimately, to build a long-lasting signals service, we knew that we needed the optimal mix of experienced traders, proven trading strategies, multi-deliverability of signals, cutting-edge trade copier technology and the right trading environment for our members to not just benefit from our signals by duplicating the trades, but learn from the signals we issue.

Traders Elite is a premium-quality Forex Signals Service and was established by top professional traders with one goal in mind... providing quality forex signals. Members of Traders Elite enjoy impressive signals performance, receiving high-probability quality signals from multiple strategy sources, as well as exclusive access to indicators, chart templates, and much more!

Traders Elite specialises in providing signals for FOREX however we now also offer signals for Gold. Members receive signals via email, automated trade copying, alerts within the Metatrader trading platform, access to the exclusive memberís area, and update feeds via Facebook and Twitter. Each source of signal has its own "channel" so you can apply all of them or just the strategies that you want to apply to your trading account. The options are endless.

Traders Elite is genuinely passionate about helping you become a better and consistently profitable successful trader so if you've read enough and you want to get started asap, join now...

A Slow & Steady Approach is a Proven Way
to Achieve Positive Results

If you're after a get-rich-quick scheme, then this service is not for you. However, if you're focused on achieving long-term results, then read on... Trading is not gambling. Trading is about making educated decisions and taking positive action. It's about sticking to trading strategies and only trading low-risk/high-reward market opportunities. It's about perfect entry timing and taking optimal profits. It's about making calculated positive progress over a sustained period and accepting the wins and losses as a part of the trading process.

Trading is about focusing on long-term results and about maintaining a high winning ratio with a decent amount of pips generated per average trade, so capital is consistently experiencing growth.

If you want signals every day, this service is not for you. We only issue trades when conditions are ideal for producing positive results. These "optimal set ups" only occur when the technical fundamentals are correct. Because of the "big-pip" targets we set, our trades normally last for a couple of days, a week or even longer. The bottom line is that after you've been with us for a reasonable period of time, you should notice positive effects on your account's balance.

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Let Us Trade While You Enjoy Life

Whatever your dream life is, you need money. You need it because of the thing it brings... Freedom.

Many people would agree that ultimate success could be defined as; a person that has total freedom. With this in mind, it's easy to see the direct correlation between financial freedom and personal freedom.

Imagine being able to do what you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want, for as long as you want. For some people, this could mean an endless vacation... for others, it could be developing their business... while for others, it could be spending quality time with their family. Everyone has a dream that's perfect for them and we encourage you to pursue your own personal dream life.

Our goal is to make your goals, a little easier to achieve. Join us today with the peace-of-mind of 60 days money-back guarantee on all your subscription fees.

Committed to Wealth Creation

As a Member of Traders Elite, you can expect to gain a respectable monthly return on a long-term basis. We strive for between 2%-10% per month or higher, equating to an average return of 6% per month which is equivalent to 72% per year (6% x 12 months). However in reality, this result is not typically attainable by professional traders on an indefinite sustained basis and therefore, we are always pleased to generate even a modest 1%-2% net return per month, as this monthly return can still extrapolate to 12%-24% per year without compounding.

Compounding is an investment strategy used by many investors to accelerate wealth creation. In essence, compounding means "saving the returns in your account". This simple compounding principle has profound results, because every month, the same percentage returns are based on proportionaly larger amounts of capital being used per trade, resulting in larger monetary amounts, without increasing the percentage of risk.

If trading stays within the normal range of results, even a modest starting capital using a compounding investor strategy can produce incredible results over a reasonable period. Check out this hypothetical wealth creation case study...

Just $3,000 on 6% Monthly Returns Compounded will Double in Just 12 Months

After month 1, a $3,000 starting capital generating a 6% return would result in a $180 monetary return. If compounding was not used and the capital speculated remained static, the account would generate $2,160 over 12 months ($180 x 12 months). This would have totalled $5,160 ($3,000 starting capital + $2,160 returns). However, by using compounding, the result after 12 months was actually $6,036 equating to $876 more than if compounding was not used.

Notice also that a 6% monthly return of a compounded account after 12 months, more than doubles the start-of-year capital. This "doubling effect" makes significant wealth creation possible because every year, the new start-of-year capital is double the capital from the previous year.

The following example highlights what can be achieved over the longer period of 10 years.

After 10 Years, this $3,000 Starting Capital
will Extrapolate to $3.26 Million

It's easy to see, that by Year 5, there is excellent potential to generate massive returns proportional to your original starting capital. As stated, this is purely a hypothetical example of what can be potentially earned if monthly returns remain an average of 6% over the entire period. After only 10 years, the original starting capital grows over 1,088 times its original amount to a whooping $3.26 million, all from generating returns of 6% monthly with compounding. Despite these results not being typical, they can be achieved and even a fraction of these results can accumulate capital very quickly.

We look forward to helping you with your welath creation journey.

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