SELL NZDUSD 0.7415 – May 18, 2015

A Sell Signal for NZDUSD was issued at 0.7415 on May 18, 2015 with the emergence of a H4 Moving Average Crossover Within 4 Hourly & Daily Downtrends.

Target 1 was 0.7330 / Target 2 was 0.7275 / Target 3 was 0.7200



On May 19, 2015, an update was issued to move stops to 0.7375-0.7385 to lock in 30-40 pips profit.


Soon after the instruction was given, the pair retraced and closed all part trades for between 30-40 pips profit.

We are now waiting for another trade setup to enter the market again in this pair.

Congratulations to traders that copied the trade and took profit, as well as those which were connected to our Trade Copying Solution.


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