Win Big When You Win

“The way to succeed in trading is to win big when you win… and lose small when you lose.”

Hi, when we publish a signal, in addition to taking advantage of a great setup, we’re always looking for signals that have the potential to generate some serious returns… in other words, a big payoff.


Some “Trades of the Month” for June so far were;
* EURAUD Buy at 1.5425 on June 6 for 175 pips
* EURNZD Buy at 1.6400 on June 7 for 270 pips
* USDCAD Buy at 1.2695 on June 9 for 355 pips
* NZDUSD Sell at 0.7055 on June 17 for 100 pips
* AUDJPY Buy at 118.00 on June 21 for 275 pips
* And of course, we’ve had many more!

Sure.. we had lots of losers as well, but the idea when trading for growth is to limit your losses on your losing trades and maximise your gains on your winning trades.

We actually published 49 forex signals throughout June totalling a NET of 1,461 pips and we’re just getting warmed up. Since March, we’ve generated 7,191 pips and we’re looking forward to banking a lot more pips as global events continue to provide us with excellent opportunities. You can see in our trade history chart that our gains are increasing as we take advantage of more opportunities and leverage off the cutting-edge technology we now use for every signal.

So start trading with traders that are focused on just one thing… winning.

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