We’re only as good as our last trading month

“A signals service is only as good as their last trading month… that’s why we always strive to beat the previous month”

It’s official. The month of July was our best trading month ever! We managed to generate a total of 2,121 Pips (NET) with 1 trade still in play plus Gold trades that totalled a whopping 6765 Pips (NET).


The Top 10 “Trades of the Month” were;
* NZDJPY Buy at 73.45 on July 11 for 255 pips
* AUDJPY Buy at 76.40 on July 11 for 410 pips
* USDJPY Buy at 101.90 on July 11 for 290 pips
* CADJPY Buy at 78.50 on July 12 for 300 pips
* EURGBP Sell at 0.8480 on July 12 for 210 pips
* GBPUSD Sell at 1.3225 on July 18 for 125 pips
* USDJPY Buy at 105.55 on July 18 for 155 pips
* GBPCAD Buy at 1.7275 on Jul 21 for 125 pips
* GBPNZD Sell at 1.8810 on July 25 for 260 pips
* NZDUSD Buy at 0.6985 on July 25 for 180 pips

This year, we have generated a total of over 8740 pips in Forex signals and we’re looking forward to banking a lot more pips over the coming months as global events continue to provide profitable opportunities with huge returns.

Have you heard about Italian Banks requiring serious bailouts? If you thought Brexit was a shock to the market, the “Italian Bank Bailout” is going to make that event look like a nice day out to Disneyland. Seriously… there are huge seismic shocks that are imminent and you need to be prepared to fully exploit them… and then of course, we have the US election looming with escalating emotions, the South China Sea issue where tensions could ignite into a full-blown war, and Central Banks that are running out of ammunition to control state economies.

What this means to us as traders, is guaranteed volatility, causing huge moves in the market, resulting in massive potential profits.

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