Good consistent trading weeks make good consistent trading months

We had another exciting week with a 6.5% increase in our account providing us with a great opportunity to make August a great performance month.

Following is our weekly update for the best signals issued this week;
* USDCAD Buy at 1.3067 on August 1 for 63 pips
* NZDUSD Sell at 72.03 on August 3 for 63 pips
* GBPCHF Buy at 1.2865 on August 3 for 100 pips
* EURAUD Sell at 1.4690 on August 3 for 90 pips
* EURUSD Sell at 1.1150 on August 4 for 50 pips
* EURCAD Sell at 1.4557 on August 4 for 60 pips
* GOLD Sell at 1360.50 on August 5 for 2,005 pips


Come join us and get ready for next week’s signals!


We know some members did even better depending on where they locked in pips. As always, and as a normal part of trading, we had a few losers too but by keeping our stops tight, we contained those losses.

We even “screwed up” on 4 trades throughout the week with 3 of them being profitable!!
– the EURGBP Sell that was nicely in profit only to get stopped out just before we were to update moving stops to breakeven
– the 2nd USDCAD Buy for the week which then rocketed upward on Friday which we missed out on
– the AUDUSD Sell that went down 40+ pips on the RBA interest rate cut, only to rally and take out our stop, again without us locking in profits (damn!)
– and a GOLD Sell which turned out to be one of our shortest-living trades ever… but as listed above, we took another sell on Gold on Friday and it turned into an awesome trade that made over 2,000 pips in less than 3 hours!

We closed the week with a couple of trades still open including the 3rd position on Gold and we’re confident of another great trading week next week.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) is expected to reduce their rates next week so we could see some fireworks, BUT… be careful & scalp it on a sell. As above, the Aussie “should” have continued to go down another 100-200 pips on the rate drop, but in this current time where all currencies & economies have become dysfunctional, anything can happen!

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