Market Analysis – August 29 Week

“It’s all about the Benjamins. Always has been.”

Hi, we believe this coming week is going to provide some very exciting opportunities. You could say… “It’s Hammer Time!”

The Fed’s meeting and published statements last Friday has provided more confidence to the Bulls that the US Dollar is primed for a resumption of it’s multi-year rally.

As a consequence of this, Gold has fallen significantly, as we expected. What’s also happened is a weakening of the Yen and therefore we’re seeing upward movements in all Yen crosses at
differing degrees. This also means that we could see some currencies pulled upward by their Yen crosses even though their true overall direction is still downward.


All this volatility in the market and the influx of liquidity since having a clearer roadmap from The Fed, means that we have some great setups forming that may generate multi-hundred-pip moves this week!

We’re already riding some great trades including the USDCAD, USDCHF and USDJPY, but we think some other big-return potential trades for this week include;

* EURUSD – If we see a continuation of the drop towards 1.1098, a new daily downtrend could form which likely continue to drive the pair down as low as 1.0808
* GBPUSD – After a 408 pip rally, if we see the 4-hour timeframe close below nicely below the 1.3120 Macro Level, we could see price retest 1.2865
* CHFJPY – If the price breaks and closes above the 105.09 Macro Level and this month’s high of 105.14, we could see a new daily uptrend forming and a potential rally towards the 108.00 level

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