Market Update – September 2 Week

“When the US dollar strengthens, the Yen normally weakens.”

Hi, it’s been an exciting week with a lot of signals making some serious pips.

Last week, we said;
“What’s also happened is a weakening of the Yen and therefore we’re seeing upward movements in all Yen crosses at differing degrees.”
as well as…
“we could be seeing a resurgence of strength in the US dollar… which means buy into the US dollar”

So how did we go with the Yen signals?

* EURJPY: Target 2 Hit for 141 Pips and still in play for Target 3
* CHFJPY: Target 1 Hit for 105 Pips and still in play for Target 2
* AUDJPY: Target 1 Hit for 100 Pips and still in play for Target 2
* USDJPY: Target 1 Hit for 175 Pips and still in play for Target 2


How did we go with US$ crosses other than the successful USDJPY signal?
* USDCAD: Target 2 Hit for 165 Pips and still in play for Target 3
* USDCHF: Target 2 Hit for 200 Pips and after significant correction, now in new trade for the USDCHF

Other highlights for the week included…
* GBPCAD: Target 3 Hit for 395 Pips
* GBPUSD: Target 1 Hit for 88 Pips and currently in range of Target 2

Watch our for our Market Analysis on Monday as we discuss the plan for next week after the data events of today’s job figures as well as the weekend G20 meeting, and of course, how the technical charts look for big-return trade setups.

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