End of Week Market Update – September 9

“A good trading month starts with a good 1st week.”

Hi, We had an amazing week last week with 8 big winners totalling 723 pips. Last month, we generated 3,033 pips making it our biggest month ever… and we’re determined to keep hitting
homeruns to make every month a good month for our members.

Last week, we said;
“We’re currently continuing our bullish view of the US dollar against weaker currencies, and we’re still long on most Yen crosses.”

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We waited until later in the week before catching some excellent US$ trades.

The Yen experienced a correction which voided our view, but we did catch some great trades with the US dollar and some minor crosses.

Here’s a rundown of last week’s highlights;
* AUDCAD: Buy @ 0.9870 & Target 1 Hit for 70 pips
* USDCAD: Buy @ 1.2840 & Target 2 Hit for 240 pips
* GBPCHF: Sell @ 1.2995 & 75 pips Locked In
* EURGBP: Buy @ 0.8425 & 70 pips Locked In
* USDJPY: Buy @ 101.60 & Target 1 Hit for 120 pips
* EURAUD: Buy @ 1.4735 & Target 1 Hit for 115 pips
* USDCHF: Buy @ 0.9717 & Target 1 Hit for 33 pips
* GBPAUD: Sell @ 1.7475. Stopped Out on a spike but reentered to hit Target 1 for 105 pips

Not including the GBPAUD where the spike cancelled out the win, we generated winning trades totalling 723 pips… in 1 week!

Congratulations to members that copied our signals. Naturally, everyone’s results will differ depending on when the trade is entered and when it was exited, but a great week was enjoyed by all. Thanks for your support!

Watch out for our Market Analysis on Monday to see what pairs are shaping up to become potential high-probability, big-return trade opportunities.

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Here’s a quick summary of last month’s highlights which made it such a great month;
* GBPAUD Buy at 1.6950 on August 17 for 600 pips
* GBPNZD Sell at 1.8280 on August 5 for 530 pips
* GBPCAD Buy at 1.6785 on August 17 for 470 pips
* USDCHF Buy at 0.9630 on August 22 for 200 pips
* GBPUSD Buy at 1.3137 on August 31 for 183 pips
* USDJPY Buy at 1.3225 on August 26 for 175 pips
* USDCAD Buy at 1.2895 on August 22 for 160 pips
* EURJPY Buy at 114.09 on August 30 for 141 pips
* GBPCHF Sell at 1.2810 on August 8 for 140 pips
* USDCHF Sell at 0.9740 on August 11 for 130 pips

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