A Trader Doesn’t Plan To Fail

“A trader doesn’t plan to fail… they fail to plan.”

Are you ready to trade this week?
Are you ready for battle?
Are you prepared?

Trading is war. No doubts about it… and if you come to the fight unprepared, unless you’re really lucky, you’re going to be chewed up and spat out! Every time!

Trading houses, hedge funds, investment bankers and professional traders are playing for keeps with a “take no prisoners” mindset. Just like armies battling each other for power and fortune, forex trading is similar, but deception and market manipulation are their weapons of choice.

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Here’s a rundown of just our last 6 months;
* August: 3,033 pips
* July: 2,121 pips
* June: 1,461 pips
* May: 898 pips
* April: 1,406 pips
* March: 1,950 pips

That’s 10,869 pips in just 6 months!

We’ve implemented new resources, technology and traders… and it’s really paid off. Get all our signals in real-time with actionable information to take advantage of the markets and start trading Forex the smart way rather than the hard way.

Remember to watch out for our Market Analysis tomorrow to see what opportunities are looking like potential winners. It’s free!

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