Start-of-Week Market Analysis โ€“ September 19, 2016

Hi, Get ready for another exciting week with some great potential opportunities. As always, the timing of trade opportunities depend on valid trade setups forming and the easiest way to take advantage of these are to subscribe to our signals which we deliver directly to your inbox and mobile device. The market analysis video goes into more detail of the possibilities that exist this week – here’s a quick summary;

* GOLD: Short unless it finds support with a new trend trade at the $1,307.64 Macro Level
* EURUSD: Short unless it breaks back up above 1.1270
* GBPUSD: Short as long as it remains below the 1.3120 Macro Level
* EURGBP: Long as long as it remains above 0.8505
* AUDUSD: Short unless it breaks & closes convincingly above 0.7533
* NZDUSD: Short unless it pushes up above 0.7369
* AUDNZD: Long as long as it stays above 1.0285


* USDCAD: Long but only if supported above 1.3062
* USDCHF: Long as long as it remains above 0.9751 & a close above 0.9839 for continuation
* USDJPY: Consolidating but long if remains above 101.65
* EURJPY: Short unless price reacts off 113.61
* GBPJPY: Short as long as price remains below 133.48
* AUDJPY: Long as long as price remains above 76.19
* NZDJPY: Long as long as price remains above 74.26
* CHFJPY: Short unless price breaks and closes above 105.09
* CADJPY: Short unless a new 4 Hour trend trade forms to the upside
* EURAUD: Short but must close below 1.4705 to continue
* GBPAUD: Short but must close below 1.7214 to continue
* EURNZD: Short while price remains below 1.5410
* GBPNZD: Short but price must close below 1.7707 to continue
* GBPCHF: Drifting down but watch reaction at 1.2647 for possible long
* AUDCAD: Consolidating and rangebound between 0.9937 and 0.9841
* EURCAD: Short unless strong reaction at 1.4644
* GBPCAD: Short as long as price remains below 1.7192

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PPS: At the very end of the video, Michael stated he was interested in going short on the GBPCAD. Must have been the 1 hour session, but he forgot that we’re already short from last week and it’s already hit target1 ๐Ÿ™‚

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