Is The Fed really Santa Claus this Christmas?

Is the Fed really Santa Claus this Christmas?

Everyone held their breath this week for the Fed Meeting where the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System met to decide the fate of interest rates in the US. For only the 2nd time in a decade, the board decided to increase rates… As well, the consensus was for a potential 3 rates rises next year!

The last time they hiked rates was exactly 12 months ago last December. At that time, the US dollar tanked after disappointing the market with too little, too late… This time, the market reacted extremely positively.

If you’ve been following our market analysis videos for the last few weeks, you’d know that US$ strength is a state that has been in technical uptrend for the last 7 weeks and has already rallied 1,470 pips during this time. It’s something our senior trader, Michael Nurok, was talking about 5 weeks PRIOR to the technical change in direction, and 12 weeks prior to this fundamental shift in the balance of power in international currency wars.

So, back to the original question, is the Fed Santa Claus?


Well, here’s what got traders excited this time… It provided them with guidance of the international fundamentals that infer that the US is regaining its grip on the most powerful currency globally.

What does this mean for FOREX Traders? It means that we “should” be seeing a continuation of the resurgence in strength of the US dollar… which means that buying into the US dollar, as well as selling weaker currencies paired against the dollar could be the best way to trade 2017.

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Okay… so last week, we suggested long positions on the USDCAD, USDCHF and USDJPY pairs and short positions on pretty much everything else. On news of the Fed’s decision to increase rates, all pairs soared in celebration of a strengthening US dollar… That was great for traders on the right side of the trade! like we were ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s last week’s highlights;
* USDCAD: Entered a buy at 1.3255 and hit Target 1 at 1.3400 for a very nice 145 pips. The pair remains bullish.
* USDJPY: Entered a buy at 115.00 and hit Target 3 at 117.50 for a huge 250 pips. The pair remains bullish.
* GBPUSD: Entered a sell at 1.2535 and locked in a very respectable 120 pips. The pair remains bearish.
* EURGBP: Entered a sell at 0.8430 and locked in a solid 80 pips. The pair remains bearish.

That’s a huge 595 pips!

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