These 4 Trades Just Made 887 Pips

“Alert for Today: The US dollar has been rallying leading up to today’s speech by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, due to speak about the US economic outlook at the Executives Club of Chicago at 1pm. Any strong hints of continued hawkish tone will likely see the currency continue to rally over the coming weeks.”


February ended with a bang and March is starting positively. After some erratic movements in the market, we finally saw a week of good moves.

Our indicators have been going extremely well and there are plenty of good trade opportunities expected in March so download them today, install them and start using them to profit from the markets.

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Four trade highlights this last week were…

* USDCAD: Trend Catcher Trade Setup Buy at 1.3186 reaching 1.3401 so far for 215 pips.

* AUDUSD: Price Flip Trade Setup Sell at 0.7723 dropping to 0.7557 so far for 166 pips.

* EURNZD: Trend Catcher Trade Setup Buy at 1.4676 reaching 1.4912 so far for 236 pips.

* USDJPY: Price Flip Trade Setup Sell at 111.88 rallying to 114.58 so far for 270 pips.

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The Traders Elite Team

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