5,327 pips from just 3 trades this week!

“Combining trends and levels can take trading results to the next level”

Hi, later this month, we will post some new video training on “power trends” so watch out for those PLUS the new trading workshops (they’re both free).

Last week, we saw continuations of big moves such as the US dollar rallying strongly with profit taking occurring prior to market close, as well as all Yen crosses that continued to strengthen.

Two new published signals (the AUDUSD & GBPUSD) were last week’s winners earning 173 pips after hitting their published targets. We also saw fantastic gains on Gold (XAUUSD) which has continued to fall.


Here are the highlights…

* On the 19th of April at $1,279 we said “Sell XAUUSD”
– On the 23rd of April, we hit Target 1 at $1,265.00 for a huge 1,400 pips
– On the 3rd of May (last Monday), we hit Target 2 at $1,250.00 for a massive 2,900 pips
– At market close on Friday, the price was $1,227.46 putting the trade 5,154 pips in profit!

* On the 1st of May, we said “Sell GBPUSD”
– On the 2nd of May, the trade came within 3 pips of Target 1, finally hitting it on the 4th of May for a nice 50 pips

* On the 3rd of May, we said “Sell AUDUSD”
– Within 5 hours, the trade hit Target 1 for 33 pips and went on to dramatically hit Target 2 later that day and Target 3 at 0.7400 on the 4th of May for a very respectable 123 pips

Once again, this proves that you don’t necessarily need to take a lot of trades to generate good pips, however if you do want to profit from the market by using the shorter time frames and have the opportunity to take lots of little trades, you can download our special trading indicators here – http://www.traderselite.com/special

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