Market Analysis – September 26, 2016

Hi, There are always potential opportunities in the Forex markets so get ready for another exciting week… Of course, the easiest way to take advantage of these opportunities are to subscribe to our signals, delivered directly to your inbox and mobile device. Here’s a quick summary of the market but remember that the market can…

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Best Forex Trades of the Quarter

“It’s really good to hit a few homeruns every trading month!” We’ve uploaded videos on the “best forex trades of the quarter”. These are great to watch… They’re really short but they can teach you what trades look like a good setup to take. Watch them here – Here’s a summary of our “homeruns”…

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Binary code on a surface of a planet

Market Update – September 23

“Strong long-term trades insulate a trader from short-term losses.” It was an extremely volatile week last week, with the BOJ, US Fed and BNZ all releasing their interest rate decisions. We had 3 big winners that were all entered on September 16, and that all ended up making some great pips this week as following; * GBPAUD: Entered a SELL…

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Start-of-Week Market Analysis – September 19, 2016

Hi, Get ready for another exciting week with some great potential opportunities. As always, the timing of trade opportunities depend on valid trade setups forming and the easiest way to take advantage of these are to subscribe to our signals which we deliver directly to your inbox and mobile device. The market analysis video goes…

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A Trader Doesn’t Plan To Fail

“A trader doesn’t plan to fail… they fail to plan.” Are you ready to trade this week? Are you ready for battle? Are you prepared? Trading is war. No doubts about it… and if you come to the fight unprepared, unless you’re really lucky, you’re going to be chewed up and spat out! Every time!…

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Market Update – September 16

“Good trading days turn into good trading weeks which turn into good trading months.” We had another great week last week, with 7 very nice winners totalling 995 pips… and 4 of these trades are still in play so the probability of passively generating even more pips is very high! Last week, we had 723…

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Start-of-Week Market Analysis – September 12, 2016

Hi, Another potentially exciting week is upon us with some great potential opportunities. Overall, we’re still long on the US dollar, long on Yen crosses with currencies that are rallying, and looking at the minor crosses. Naturally the timing of trade opportunities depend on valid trade setups forming and the video goes into more detail…

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The Market is Always Right

“The market is always right, even if the move seems contrary to logical analysis & fundamentals.” Hi, A good trader always expects the unexpected and is open to changing their position with very little emotion or difficulty. In other words, go with the flow… if you thought a pair would go a certain way but then all indicators start pointing in…

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End of Week Market Update – September 9

“A good trading month starts with a good 1st week.” Hi, We had an amazing week last week with 8 big winners totalling 723 pips. Last month, we generated 3,033 pips making it our biggest month ever… and we’re determined to keep hitting homeruns to make every month a good month for our members. Last…

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August Trade History Summary

“The secret to capital growth is to have consistent good trading months.” Hi, We just topped our best month (July) in August with a whopping 3,033 pips generated. That means this year we’ve had a staggering 100% monthly success rate! The last few months have pushed up our average pips per month (over the last…

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