Market Analysis – September 5 Week

“If one minute in trading can be a long time, then one week in trading can be an eternity.” Hi, It’s looking like being an interesting week with either a shift of the overall trend or a resumption of the existing overall trend. As always, it’s important to be continually analysing the market throughout the…

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Market Update – September 2 Week

“When the US dollar strengthens, the Yen normally weakens.” Hi, it’s been an exciting week with a lot of signals making some serious pips. Last week, we said; “What’s also happened is a weakening of the Yen and therefore we’re seeing upward movements in all Yen crosses at differing degrees.” as well as… “we could…

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Market Analysis – August 29 Week

“It’s all about the Benjamins. Always has been.” Hi, we believe this coming week is going to provide some very exciting opportunities. You could say… “It’s Hammer Time!” The Fed’s meeting and published statements last Friday has provided more confidence to the Bulls that the US Dollar is primed for a resumption of it’s multi-year…

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Market Update – August 26 Week

“Some trades are quick, some trades are slow, some trades make a few pips, some trades make hundreds of pips.” Everyone held their breath this week for the Jackson Hole Summit Fed Meeting where the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System met and Chair Janet Yellen gave her much-anticipated speech. Here’s what got…

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August 22 Trading Week Market Analysis

“Good traders change direction when the trend changes direction.” This coming week is going to provide some very exciting opportunities. In fact, we’re possibly at the crossroads of the US dollar which may see some great setups for some big moves to make some serious pips. Last week, we saw the pound rallying but a…

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Why is the pound rallying?

“Analyse your trade setups before even considering taking any trades” This week has been very exciting with some great winning trades and we hope you’ve been taking advantage of the market analysis and signals we have been providing. So far this week, we’ve had several great trades totalling 1346 pips! * USDCHF Sell at 0.9740…

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A great week starts with a great plan

Yesterday we sent you a market analysis summary of some potential highlights and by sticking to our plan, we’ve generated 4 big winning trades already, totalling a massive 868 pips! * USDCHF Sell at 0.9740 hit Target 2 at 0.9610 * USDJPY Sell at 100.95 hit Target 1 at 100.10 * NZDUSD Buy at 0.7207…

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Market Analysis for the August 15 Week

“Successful traders plan the trades and trade the plan” Last week, we had some disappointing results from an extremely volatile week that created erratic market behaviour, however we did have an awesome outcome with the GBPNZD signal that was issued on August 5 at 1.8280 and hit its Target 3 at 1.7750 on August 11…

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Fundamental Trading Analysis Does Not Work Anymore

“Fundamental trading analysis simply does not work the way it used to work.” Last week, the Reserve Bank of Australia lowered its interest rates by 0.25% and instead of the currency dropping like a stone which is normally the case when a Central Bank lowers interest rates, it soared over 100 pips and is still…

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Good consistent trading weeks make good consistent trading months

We had another exciting week with a 6.5% increase in our account providing us with a great opportunity to make August a great performance month. Following is our weekly update for the best signals issued this week; * USDCAD Buy at 1.3067 on August 1 for 63 pips * NZDUSD Sell at 72.03 on August…

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