Market Update – September 16

“Good trading days turn into good trading weeks which turn into good trading months.”

We had another great week last week, with 7 very nice winners totalling 995 pips… and 4 of these trades are still in play so the probability of passively generating even more pips is very high!

Last week, we had 723 pips of winners, and last month, we generated 3,033 pips (NET) making it our biggest month. The good news is that we’re on track this month for yet another great month, added to what’s been an excellent year averaging well over 1,000 pips every single month. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a rundown of this week’s highlights;
* USDCHF: Buy @ 0.9720 & Target 1 Hit for 60 pips
* USDCAD: Buy @ 1.3090 & Target 2 Hit for 150 pips
* NZDUSD: Sell @ 1.2995 & Target 1 Hit for 65 pips
* USDJPY: Buy @ 101.95 & Target 1 Hit for 95 pips
* GBPNZD: Sell @ 1.8090 & Target 1 Hit & 212 pips up
* GBPAUD: Sell @ 0.7610 & Target 1 Hit & 268 pips up
* GBPCAD: Sell @ 1.7365 & Target 1 Hit for 145 pips

YEP! We generated winning trades totalling 995 pips… in just 1 week!

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Sure, we had a few losers too including a couple of trades that got spiked out only to move strongly in our predicted direction but by keeping our stops tiny, our net results have been strongly positive. Our managed account increased just over 8% this week and in the last 3 weeks, it’s risen over 36%. Congratulations to members that copied our signals. Thanks for your support!

Watch out for our Market Analysis on Monday to see what pairs are shaping up to become potential high-probability, big-return trade opportunities. Last Monday’s market analysis was spot on and there were a lot of trades that went exactly as predicted, in addition to the signals we published.

For example, Michael Nurok, our Senior Trader stated;
* Gold was going down. -> It has continued to fall.
* EURUSD was Short. -> It crashed.
* GBPUSD was short. -> It’s fallen through the floor.
* AUDUSD was in freefall. -> It’s continued to drop.
* USDCAD was going up. -> It has skyrocketed.
* USDCHF was long. -> It has rallied strongly.
Plus many more signals that have moved the way predicted so make sure you catch the market analysis on Monday – it’s free!

Remember, you can trial our service for a full 60 days… that’s how confident we are that you will appreciate and benefit from our signals service and become part of a group of successful traders that are intent on just one thing… successful results.

The market can change on a dime so it’s good to know that you have professionals in your corner that are ready to alert you of all the opportunities as they happen.

Here’s a quick summary of last month’s highlights which made it such a great month;
* GBPAUD Buy at 1.6950 on August 17 for 600 pips
* GBPNZD Sell at 1.8280 on August 5 for 530 pips
* GBPCAD Buy at 1.6785 on August 17 for 470 pips
* USDCHF Buy at 0.9630 on August 22 for 200 pips
* GBPUSD Buy at 1.3137 on August 31 for 183 pips
* USDJPY Buy at 1.3225 on August 26 for 175 pips
* USDCAD Buy at 1.2895 on August 22 for 160 pips
* EURJPY Buy at 114.09 on August 30 for 141 pips
* GBPCHF Sell at 1.2810 on August 8 for 140 pips
* USDCHF Sell at 0.9740 on August 11 for 130 pips

Here’s the highlights of September’s 1st week;
* AUDCAD: Buy @ 0.9870 & Target 1 Hit for 70 pips
* USDCAD: Buy @ 1.2840 & Target 2 Hit for 240 pips
* GBPCHF: Sell @ 1.2995 & 75 pips Locked In
* EURGBP: Buy @ 0.8425 & 70 pips Locked In
* USDJPY: Buy @ 101.60 & Target 1 Hit for 120 pips
* EURAUD: Buy @ 1.4735 & Target 1 Hit for 115 pips
* USDCHF: Buy @ 0.9717 & Target 1 Hit for 33 pips

Trading is all about consistency and taking advantage of probabilities so register today to get our email alerts, mobile notifications and the indicators that have done so well for us and our premium members. Click here to get ready for another pip-making week next week –

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