Best Forex Trades of the Quarter

“It’s really good to hit a few homeruns every trading month!”

We’ve uploaded videos on the “best forex trades of the quarter”. These are great to watch… They’re really short but they can teach you what trades look like a good setup to take. Watch them here –

Here’s a summary of our “homeruns” from June to September;

* NZDJPY: July 11 Buy, Macro Levels, 255 pips
* CADJPY: July 12 Buy, Macro Levels, 310 pips
* EURGBP: July 12 Sell, Macro Levels, 210 pips
* GBPNZD: July 25 Sell, Price Flip, 260 pips
* NZDUSD: July 25 Buy, Macro Levels, 180 pips
* GBPNZD: August 5 Sell, Trend Catcher, 530 pips
* USDCHF: August 11 Sell, Macro Levels, 130 pips


* GBPAUD: August 17 Buy, Trend Catcher, 600 pips
* GBPCAD: August 17 Buy, Trend Catcher, 395 pips
* USDCHF: August 22 Buy, Trend Catcher, 200 pips
* USDJPY: August 26 Sell, Macro Levels, 175 pips
* EURJPY: August 30 Buy, Trend Catcher, 141 pips
* GBPUSD: August 31 Buy, Trend Catcher, 300 pips
* AUDCAD: September 6 Buy, Trend Catcher, 150 pips
* USDCAD: September 7 Buy, Price Flip, 210 pips
* USDJPY: September 8 Buy, Price Flip, 120 pips
* USDJPY: September 13 Buy, Trend Catcher, 95 pips
* GBPCAD: September 16 Sell, Trend Catcher, 465 pips
* GBPNZD: September 16 Sell, Trend Catcher, 370 pips
* GBPAUD: September 16 Sell, Trend Catcher, 610 pips

That’s 5,706 pips in just the last quarter!

And we still have one more week in September to see if we can add another big winner onto this list. Naturally, we got a lot of small winners too but it’s the big-pip winners that really affect your final trading results.

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