845 Pips From Last Week’s Winners!

“Any win is a good win, no matter whether it’s big or small. All that’s important is that you lock in your profits.”

It’s the last trading day of October and we’re really pleased on how we’ve been going despite a very challenging market. Last week, we had more targets hit, as well as some profit locking. Here’s a quick summary of this week’s trade highlights;
* NZDUSD: Entered a Sell at 0.7170 and hit Target 1 for a quick & easy 50 pips
* EURNZD: Entered a Buy at 1.5240 and is currently 125 pips in profit and within range of Target 1
* EURJPY: Entered a Buy at 113.65 and hit Target 1 with price currently at 115.20 for 155 pips in profit and halfway to Target 2
* EURUSD: Entered a Buy at 1.0920 and currently at 1.0985 for 65 pips in profit and in range of Target 1
* EURAUD: Entered a Buy at 1.4300 and hit Target 1 currently at 1.4470 for 170 pips
* USDCAD: Entered a Buy at 1.3150 and is currently a huge 280 pips in profit and over halfway to Target 3

That’s a total of 845 pips in profits from our winning trades just last week!

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We also had 2 trades that were technically stopped out by just a few pips, only for both to hit our 2nd Targets.
* EURCAD: Entered a Buy at 1.4513 and was taken out for 43 pips (only 3 pips over). The pair then rallied as expected and hit Target 2 with price currently at 1.4745 for 232 pips and over halfway to Target 3
* GOLD: Entered a Buy at 1269.50 and was taken out on a 1-Candle spike, only for price to rally as expected and hit Target 2 for 1,350 pips

These trades were bittersweet but at least we know that many members were still able to achieve success with these trades by entering slightly bigger stops and/or getting into the trade a little late. We’ve also seen numerous pairs that have gone precisely as predicted in the market analysis last week. Click the following link to get all our signals today and give yourself the opportunity to make November a great trading month – http://www.traderselite.com/special

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