Did you profit from Trump?

Just a quick update… Depending on which side you were on, you’re either thrilled or devastated.

Earlier in the week, we said;

* If Trump wins, it will be a huge upset (to the market) since it likes “certainty” and Trump has displayed an erratic behavior and is light on policy. Therefore, you can probably expect
a short-term drop in the US$ (think Brexit). We may also see a rush to safe havens such as Gold or the Yen, which could both rally.
–> That is; Buy Gold, Sell Yen Crosses, Sell US$.

Well.. what just happened?!?

* Gold Surged over 8,000 pips
* Yen crosses crashed. USDJPY dropped over 420 pips
* US$ crashed with pairs like the EURUSD which moved over 300 pips

If you caught any of this moves, then congratulations!


It’s been an incredible 36 hours with pairs moving wildly and some pairs whipping back to where they started, BUT the dust is still settling. The shock felt worldwide is still reverberating and the markets are reflecting this sentiment.

The 3 trades we published leading up to the election when all indicators (media, polls, pundits) were pointing to a Clinton victory (before all hell broke loose), ALL banked pips;
* USDCHF: Buy at 0.9755 hit Target 1 at 0.9830 for 75 pips
* AUDJPY: Buy at 79.90 hit Target 1 at 81.00 for 110 pips
* USDJPY: Buy at 104.00 was updated to lock-in profits when it hit 105.15 for 115 pips

That’s 300 pips so far this week from just 3 trades.

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Highlights from the previous week included;
* EURUSD: Entered a Buy at 1.0920 and hit Target 2 at 1.1070 for 150 Pips
* EURAUD: Entered a Buy at 1.4300 and hit Target 2 at 1.4550 for 250 pips
* GBPUSD: Entered a Buy at 1.2250 and hit Target 1 at 1.2420 for 170 Pips
* GBPAUD: Entered a Buy at 1.6115 and hit Target 1 at 1.6240 for 125 Pips
* GBPJPY: Entered a Buy at 128.60 and hit Target 1 at 130.00 for 140 Pips

That’s 835 pips in confirmed targets being hit from just last week!

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