Market Analysis – December 19, 2016

We had some huge moves last week, and our market analysis, by Michael Nurok, was right on the money! Take a few minutes to watch this week’s market analysis video today and be prepared for the trading week and Christmas week.

Watch it here –

Last week, our market analysis suggested long positions on the USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY and all other Yen pairs, and short positions on most everything else…

Last week’s highlights were;
* USDCAD: Entered a buy at 1.3255 and hit Target 1 at 1.3400 for a very nice 145 pips. The pair remains bullish.
* USDJPY: Entered a buy at 115.00 and hit Target 3 at 117.50 for a huge 250 pips. The pair remains bullish.
* GBPUSD: Entered a sell at 1.2535 and locked in a very respectable 120 pips. The pair remains bearish.
* EURGBP: Entered a sell at 0.8430 and locked in a solid 80 pips. The pair remains bearish.


PLUS… if you were using our indicators, combined with the market analysis, you would have generated a lot more trades and potentially a lot more pips… so make sure you download them, install them, and USE them!

Finally, we want to thank you so much for your support this year and we wish you a happy and safe holidays. We’ll be here on skeleton staff and then back in the new year with some really exciting new trading resources to share with you.

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