Is it time for a reset?

Hi, As the excitement of the holidays approaches, we want to thank you for your support this year. We’ve been working hard on providing you quality trading resources and we look forward to an amazing 2017 when we’ll be unveiling some new exciting products.

This week, our GBPUSD signal hit target 1 for a huge 195 pips at 1.2340 after entering a sell at 1.2535 last week on the 4-hour timeframe. Congratulations to members that took that trade!

The markets have been subdued this week as expected with low liquidity due to traders slowing down for the festive holiday as well as the end of the calendar year.

You can use our indicators to trade, however we suggest the shorter timeframes and focusing on scalping the market rather than staying in a long-term trade. Please also be aware of possible spikes against your position due to the low liquidity so always lock-in profits whenever you can.

The other thing that we’re weary of is… “The Big Reset”


We’ve seen some huge rallies lately on the USDJPY and this time of year is also the time of profit taking and writing off monthly results early as well as the results for the whole of 2016. Therefore, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the profit-taking led to a significant drop… and the market will be primed for start of year.

So, perhaps this is a time to focus on yourself and forget the trading for a few days… But if you haven’t joined us yet, get a massive 33% discount plus 12 months free access plus our 3 battle-tested trading indicators, when you join before midnight on Christmas Eve.

Have you got yourself a present yet?

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Once again, we want to thank you so much for your support this year and we wish you a happy and safe holidays. We’ll be here on skeleton staff and then back in the new year with some really exciting new trading resources to share with you all.

Have a very merry holiday!
The Traders Elite Team

PS: Remember, if you use our indicators, combined with our weekly market analysis, you can trade a lot more and potentially generate a lot more pips… so make sure you download them, install them, and USE them!

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