Market Analysis – January 9, 2017

Could this be the week that markets start moving again inline with their overall trends?

As predicted, we’ve had “The Big Reset” and now there are indications that  we could be seeing some great movements in the market.

To find out what they could possibly be, watch today’s market analysis, by Michael Nurok. It’s only about 30 minutes and well worth getting his perspective on the markets and the
opportunities that may present themselves this week.

Watch it now –


Highlights this month so far are;
* CADJPY: Entered a buy at 87.50 and hit Target 1 at 88.40 for a respectable 90 pips.
* GBPNZD: Entered a sell at 1.7630 and hit Target 1 plus for 130 pips and locked in profits at 1.7420 for a maximum of 210 pips.
* USDJPY: Entered a buy at 113.20 and hit Target 1 at 117.00 for a solid 80 pips.

And if you were using the indicators last week, there were more great trade setups including;
* a AUDUSD Price Flip Buy on January 3 at 0.7207 on the 4-hour timeframe rallying to 0.7355 for a maximum of 148 pips
* a USDCAD Macro Levels Sell on January 4 at 1.3453 on the 4-hour timeframe falling to 1.3191 for a maximum of 262 pips
* a GBPUSD Trend Catcher Buy on January 4 at 1.2261 on the 1-hour timeframe rising to 1.2431 for a maximum of 170 pips


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