What’s this chart? Hint: It’s worth over 300 pips…

Take a look at the chart below… Notice a pattern?

Pretty easy to spot…

When the 2 lines on the chart cross over, you have a trade setup.

There’s a little more to it but this is as easy as it gets.



This is a real chart taken in the last hour. It’s on the 4-hour and it shows the last 2 months producing 3 outstanding trades totalling 991 pips… that’s an average of 330 pips per trade.

The setups are based on our Trend Catcher indicator and it clearly highlights the possible opportunity that is now a possibility.

Here’s the important part, this trade setup is likely to happen in the next few hours… And with certain global events driving the markets, this particular pair may rally way more than the average of the last 3 trades.

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