These 3 Trades Just Made 6,125 Pips Last Week…

This last week, a couple of fantastic trades netted massive profits for traders… one in particular netted HUGE returns for traders which took the trade.

Check out the three trade highlights that together made 6,125 pips!

>>> Market Analysis for This Week

You can see them in the link above but in summary, they were…

* XAUUSD: Trend Catcher Trade Setup SELL at 1250.67 reaching a low at 1194.88 for a massive 5579 pips

* EURGBP: Trend Catcher Trade Setup BUY at 0.8510 rallying to a high of 0.8778 for a strong 268 pips

* GBPCHF: Trend Catcher Trade Setup SELL at 1.2547 dropping to a low of 1.2269 so far for 278 pips

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The Traders Elite Team

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