These 5 Trades Just Made 1,100 Pips…

“Make sure you can handle the number of signals your strategies pump out”

Another week, another great signal… in fact, the last 2 weeks has seen a bunch of great signals hit some big targets to accumulate some serious pips.

Last week, we said “Sell EURJPY” and this week we hit Target 2 for a strong 150 pips.

This week, we said “Sell AUDUSD” and within 48 hours, the trade hit its 1st target for a sweet 52 pips.

Our proprietary indicators pumped out a ton of great alerts too with highlights including;
(view the best alerts this month on the link below)

* EURUSD: Macro Levels Buy Trade Setup at 1.0534  – the price rallied to a high at 1.0824 for a huge
290 pips (notice how price enjoyed support at this level 4 times recently with a Macro Level that has
been stable for over 12 months)


* GBPUSD: Price Flip Buy Trade Setup at 1.2130  – price rose to a high of 1.2530 for a massive 400
pips (notice the retracement on this candle and how 4 out of the last 5 setups has generated very positive trade results)

* CHFJPY: Trend Catcher Sell Trade Setup at 113.57 – price dropped to a low of 111.49 for a sweet 208
pips (notice how stable the recent trade setups have been on the reliable and predictable 4-hour time frame)

To see our best trades this month with screenshots highlighting all the details, click here:

>>> Best Trades This Month

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The Traders Elite Team

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