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Trade of the Month – January 2016

On January 21, we issued a signal for a Buy on the USDJPY. Entry was 117.90 On January 28, we hit Target 2 at 121.20 for a total of 330 pips. It was a simple Trend Catcher trade based on the 4 hour time-frame. If you want to learn the trading strategy we used to…

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AUDUSD SELL 1.0249 – July 6, 2012

AUDUSD SELL 1.0249 – July 6, 2012 A Sell Signal for AUDUSD was issued at 1.0249 on July 6 with the emergence of a 4 Hour Moving Average Crossover as well as showing a Daily MACD Downswing at the 1.0240 Macro Level implying the potential of a new downswing. Target 1 was 1.0200 / Target…

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NZDUSD BUY 0.7756 – June 14, 2012

A Buy Signal for NZDUSD was issued at 0.7756 on June 14. The trade was issued on the Daily Moving Average Crossover, after some consolidation. The trade was helped by the 1 Hour Moving Average Crossover  and quickly hit Target 1.   Once the trade broke through the Macro Level, the pair continued to Target…

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